Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"I Think This is It"

The border dweller Brown has an interesting response when Roland asks if he believes in an afterlife: "I think this is it."

Roland's question came about following his observation of Brown's eating habits, notably the blessings the dweller offered to rain, health, and expansion of spirit. It seems that Roland was surprised at the prospect of Brown being, at least on some level, a man of faith.

It seems obvious (considering that I've read the entire series more times than is probably healthy for anyone) that Roland was aware of Brown's connection to the Manni. Brown admitted to living with the Manni for a time but deciding it was "no life for me" since the group was always "looking for holes in the world."

Holes in the world ... definitely something Roland was well aware of. Taking this into consideration, it made me wonder how Roland felt about Brown's view of his current reality as some sort of an afterlife.


  1. I love making to do lists! It gives me the feeling that I’m being very responsible with my time, and that my life is really organized, when is not that organized. And then, on my lists, I put checkmarks next to the things that I have done; or little question marks next to the things I haven’t. (I don’t cross them out because it would look too negative hehehe). When the checkmarks over shade the question marks I get a great sense of accomplishment! :)

    I haven't read the series of books you're talking about, mainly because I live in Mexico and I don't have access to many good books in English out there; sounds interesting though, I would like to give them a try. Anything related to mysteries, conflicts between religions, paranormal, afterlife issues, etc. It’s good for my reading hunger. :)

  2. Anabell, I finished the series yesterday, and I can only say that it is absolutely mind blowing.

    I have never felt myself being so deeply taken into a story.

  3. Roland, at that point, actually didn't know about holes in the world. He had suspected they existed, but, as he says in Wolves, the doors on the beach were his first personal experience with holes in the world (assuming Jake's death wasn't necessarily a "hole in the world" deal, but a "and I though I had died but here I am in a strange place" deal). As for Roland's world, what would you say if I estimated the date that Roland reaches the Tower (after time settles down which may explain my difference from Robin Furth's time line - time in flux) as 10415 AD?
    Stephen King's world's ka is 19 (19 = 1999) and Roland's world's ka is 99 (99 = ?). So (on a guess) (99 / 19) X 1999 = about 10415...